I went to the drugstore yesterday for various items, among them a new toothbrush. As I perused the selection I noticed that many had the enticement of “Comfort Grip!” And I had to wonder, is hand fatigue that big of a problem when it comes to brushing teeth?

I worked out for the first time in my new gym this afternoon. I’m definitely going to like it there. I got there by 3:30 and it was nearly empty. I have a feeling it doesn’t really start to fill up until about 5pm, and I’ll almost always be out of there by then. The other nice thing is that it’s about five minutes away from Anna’s daycare, so I can go right over and pick her up after I finish.

The project for this evening was picking up the carpet squares that I’d ordered from Home Depot for my rental house. However, I made a the deadly mistake of Being Nice and not saying anything when a much older couple cut in front of me in the line, and unfortunately they ended up having an oddly complicated order and thus I had to stand in line for 45 minutes. When it was finally my turn it took a whole 30 seconds for the lady to pull my order up. Unfortunately (again), it took another 45 minutes for them to then find someone to actually pull my order out of the warehouse and bring it out to the car (Jack’s Expedition, which ended up being filled to the absolute brim!) I heard someone grumbling about, “They need to hire more people!” and I wanted to turn around and bitch slap them for being stupid. Good grief, every business down here has Help Wanted signs out front. The population has exploded, and the infrastructure is groaning at the seams.

Is this the last day for Holidailies? Hmmm… I think that perhaps it is. Well, I think I only missed one day. (Maybe two?) Which is the first time I’ve ever missed a day during Holidailies, but heck, this year I was utterly insanely busy for the month of December, so I think that I’m lucky that I only missed one (maybe two) days of posting. Hopefully I’ve picked up a few more Loyal Readers, and hopefully they’ll stick around through the dreadfully unexciting entries about the minutae of my life for the occasional reward of a post about something nifty and cool (usually work-related.) Fortunately I do have an exceedingly cool job that does produce some nifty anecdotes at times.

And, again, if anyone is interested in joining up with my whole weight loss and fitness thingummy deal, let me know. I’m about to get more organized with it all, and participants will (hopefully!) be able to post their own progress reports in the “Weight Loss Dare” section.

So, as usual, I’m ready for Holidailies to be over, simply for the chance to kinda catch my breath. Of course I’ll join up again next year and go through it all again, despite all of the pressures that occur during December. Maybe we should start up a mid-summer holidailies for when there aren’t a million other commitments going on. :)