Jack is back, so my brief stint as a single mom is at an end. Whew.

I had great grand and glorious goals of getting up in the morning and getting on my exercise bike and doing my first-thing-in-the-morning cardio so as to maximize my fat burning etc. But the Baby kept waking up and I had about two hours last night that was spent in trying to get her and them me back to sleep.

So, I was weak and reset my alarm to give me that extra half an hour of sleep.

I’ve been on this for about a week and a half now, and I can’t tell if my progress is much different from the last time I did this. I do know that I’m not being anywhere near as good about packing a lunch, but then I’m not in the position I was in last time where I was away from any sort of meal preparation or storage place. Now I have the luxury of a refrigerator and microwave, and plenty of space to store staples for emergency noshing. The scale is being quite stubborn about budging, even with the prodigious amount of cardio I’m doing. (Yes, I weigh every morning.) It will be interesting to see how my measurements compare on Sunday.