Three men at a con, to say nothing of the dog…
Jay Lake, Ken Scholes, and Blake Hutchins. Oregon represents!

Alethea Kontis attemps to show Eric James Stone how to use pens as chopsticks.
In the background: the back of Andrea Kail’s head, and Mary Robinette Kowal.

David Coe explains to me, yet again, how to pronounce, “yarmulke.” (Inside joke. Sorry!)

The front of Andrea Kail’s head, and the ever-subdued Alethea Kontis in the background.

Andrea Kail jonesing for another party.

The imposing Jetse de Vries. Do NOT attempt to outdrink this man.

Doug Cohen, after attempting to outdrink Jetse de Vries.

Ken Scholes and James Maxey. Glasses. Goatees. It’s the New Cool.

Ken Scholes, definitely Cool.

Daniel Abraham looking calmly brilliant, as always.

Rob Sawyer (middle) with Writers of the Future winners Tony Pi and Stephen Kotowych.

Rob Sawyer and me with very strange pained grins on our faces. I have no idea why we both look like this.

Ted Chiang and Daniel Abraham. An overwhelming combo of brilliance.

Walter Jon Williams showing Tim Powers… something. Not sure what.

Me with the shockingly cute Jae Brim.

The annual Walter and His Witches picture! (It made more sense when we also had Carrie Vaughn in the picture, which gave us a blonde, brunette and a redhead.)

And, of course, the charming and classy L.E. Modesitt. Awesome dude.