Glossary of All Things Demon


Terms Related to the Demon Realm


Anomaly: A tear in the dimensional fabric. Various causes. Effects can be catastrophic. Repairs done by demahnk, demonic lords, and (for small anomalies) syraza.

Blade (verb): To stab a being with an essence blade. With rare exceptions, results in permanent death and a scattering or consumption of the target’s essence. The body of one killed by an essence blade will not discorporeate.

Demon realm and demon language: The world of the demons and demonic lords. The demon language has never been fully mastered by a human because of the verbal complexity and telepathic component. The same sound may have a multitude of different meaning depending on the telepathic pattern behind it. The demon word for their world is heavily telepathic and seventeen syllables.

Demahnk: Non-corporeal beings who take on demon and human forms. Their demon form looks like a large syraza with ridges on the torso and skull. Sometimes called “Elder syraza.” Each of the eleven is ptarl bound to a lord, with the exception of Zakaar. The lords are half demahnk, half human.

Demahnk Council/Demon Council: Comprised of the eleven demahnk ptarl/advisors of the lords. Holds power and influence that Kara is still discovering. Enforcers of Szerain’s exile. Demonic lord: Half human, half demahnk hybrid. Able to monitor, maintain, and influence the potency flows of the demon realm.

Demonic lord: Half human, half demahnk hybrid. Able to monitor, maintain, and influence the potency flows of the demon realm.

Discorporeate: The immediate dissolution and disappearance of the physical form after death when the death occurs on the non-home world. A demon that dies on Earth will discorporeate with a chance of resurrecting in the demon realm, and the same goes for a human who dies in the demon realm. Death by blading precludes discorporeation.

Earthgate: One of eleven gateways between the Earth and demon realm. Defunct for thousands of years.

Eleven: A significant number in the demon realm in rituals, architecture, and managing potency. Also, the number of demonic lords (before Ashava).

Essence blades: Three knives created by Mzatal as artifacts of power. Khatur (Mzatal), Xhan
(Rhyzkahl’s, but currently with Mzatal), Vsuhl (Szerain).

Lord headache: Excruciating head pain triggered by thoughts of topics deemed off limits by the demahnk council.

Manipulation: The altering of memories or controlling of actions through telepathic means. Utilized by demonic lords and demahnk.

Mutagen: Specialized rakkuhr that can cause mutations.

Mraztur: Derogatory demon word used by Kara and her allies to refer to the demonic lords unified against her personal interests and those of Earth. Rhyzkahl, Jesral, Amkir, and Kadir. Rough translation (per Seretis): motherfucking asshole dickwad defilers.

Nexus: A confluence of potency streams harnessed as a focal point of power in each lord’s realm. Universally marked by a platform of stone, wood, or crystal surrounded by eleven columns. Foundation for the most powerful rituals. Mzatal and Kara created a basic nexus in Kara’s back yard. Mzatal later amplified it by anchoring Rhyzkahl to it.

Plexus: The chamber in each lord’s realm where the arcane potency flows of the planet can be monitored, manipulated, and adjusted by a demonic lord. Used daily, often for many hours at a time. Most are furnished for comfort during long work sessions. Kara’s rough translation: a demonic lord’s man-cave.

Ptarl: The demahnk counselor and advisor to a demonic lord.

Qaztahl: Demon word for demonic lord. Both singular and plural. The lords are human in general appearance, but have a palpable energy aura and are able to shape and wield potency. Mind readers. Fully responsible for maintaining the potency stability of the planet. It is the one matter they agree on without question.

Rowan: As yet enigmatic personality that Rhyzkahl intended to overlay on Kara. Demonstrated arrogance and sense of invulnerability. Seems to be familiar with Szerain.

The Cataclysm: Demon realm disaster that began in the 17th century and lasted nearly a century. Earthquakes, floods, fire rain, and rifts in the dimensional fabric. Started by a ritual performed by Szerain and Elinor.

The Conclave: An annual meeting of all qaztahl where global issues are addressed and plexus schedules for the upcoming year are confirmed. Outward hostility is frowned upon. Intrigue is rife.

The groves: Clusters of white-trunked trees that form a network of organic teleportation nodes, with one in each realm of the eleven qaztahl and a dozen or so more scattered across the planet. Animate and sentient. a.k.a. Rho. Kara has a unique relationship with the groves. Teleportation can only be activated by a lord, demahnk, or Kara. Each grove has a mehnta as its caretaker—a lifelong commitment.

The “others”: The vague designation given by Zack for ones he cannot speak of who, along with the Demahnk Council, hold and enforce ancient oaths.

The Three: Mzatal, Rhyzkahl, and Szerain when they each bore their essence blades. Dominated the demon realm unchallenged and unchallengeable for centuries.

Valve: An arcane conduit between the demon realm and Earth that acts as a potency pressure valve to help stabilize the demon realm.

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Terms Related to Earth


Arcane Investigations: FBI special task force in charge of demon and arcane-related action and investigation. 

Bertha: Cory Crawford’s 1976 Chevy Nova. Kitted out with ham radio equipment.

Bloodbath Summoning: An attempt over thirty years ago by Peter Cerise and five other summoners to summon Szerain. Rhyzkahl came through instead and slaughtered all the summoners but Cerise, (including Kara’s grandmother, Gracie Pazhel). Tessa witnessed.

DIRT: Acronym for Demonic Incursion Retaliation and Tactics. Special units on the frontlines of rift formation and invading demon suppression.

DNN: Demon News Network. Television network devoted to coverage of rifts and demon activity.

Federal Command Center a.k.a. Fed Central: Beaulac Ground Zero headquarters for DHS, NSA, CIA, and other national agencies, with the FBI Arcane Investigations task force taking the lead. Located in what used to be the Southern Louisiana Heart Hospital, now converted into a secure compound.   

Kara’s Kompound: Nickname for Kara’s house and property.

Ground Zero: The Beaulac PD parking lot and immediate surroundings. Relates to the valve explosion and its resulting destruction and arcane activity.

Rift: An opening in the dimensional fabric, often manifesting on Earth in the form of surface crevices that span anywhere from a few inches to hundreds of feet in length. Jontari can use them to travel between the demon realm and Earth.

Skeeter: Slang for “mosquito”. DIRT code word for a winged demon.

SkeeterCheater: Graphene-enhanced netting capable of holding a demon physically. Relatively immune to their arcane attempts to break free. Used to cover or partially cover rifts to slow demon arrivals. Exorbitantly expensive to produce.

StarFire Security: Legitimate high-end security company owned by J.M. Farouche.

Symbol Man: Peter Cerise. Serial killer who used blood and death magic. Tried to summon and bind Rhyzkahl. Killed by Rhyzkahl. 

The Child Find League: Non-profit organization founded by J.M. Farouche to help find missing children. Impressive track record.

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The Demonic Lords – the Qaztahl


Amkir (AHM-keer) Ptarl: Dima. One of the Mraztur. Light olive complexion, short dark hair. Unsmiling. Known for his temper.

Ashava (Ah-SHA-vah) No ptarl. Two-month old daughter of Jill Faciane and the demankh Zakaar (Zack Garner). Kidnapped by Szerain and Zack. In hiding from Xharbek. The only free demonic lord (a qaztehl).

Elofir (EL-oh-fear) Ptarl: Greeyer. Short sandy-blond hair. Slim, athletic build. Calm, gentle, deeply caring. Enjoys the quiet of his wooded realm. Zharkat of Michelle Cleland. Pacifist by nature.

Jesral (JEZ-rahl) Ptarl: Ssahr.One of the Mraztur. Slim, brown hair, keen gaze, impeccably styled and graceful. Smiling, outwardly friendly. Slick, cold, and calculating.

Kadir (kuh-DEER) Ptarl: Helori, estranged. One of the Mraztur. Tall, slender, blond, androgynous. Cold, psychopathic, chaotic, vicious. Utterly brilliant. Lives slightly “out of phase” with the rest of the demon realm. Nicknamed “Creepshow” by Kara. Associated demons: Sehkeril (reyza), Kuktok (kzak).

Mzatal (muh-ZAH-tull) Ptarl: Ilana.  Essence Blade: Khatur. Also holds Rhyzkahl’s Xhan. Tall and elegant, keen silver-grey eyes, Asian features, very long jet black hair worn in a braid. Powerful and focused. Creator of the essence blades. Has a bond with Kara. Essence bond: Gestamar (reyza), Dakdak (ilius). Associated demons: Safar, Juntihr (reyza). Jekki, Faruk (faas). Tata, Krum, Wuki (ilius). Lazul (mehnta). Juke (kehza). Anak (zrila). Steeev (syraza)

Rayst (rayst) Ptarl: Trask. Partner of Seretis. Swarthy. Stocky build, but moves with grace. Considerate, but not a pushover. Pays attention to the dynamics between others.

Rhyzkahl (REEZ-call) Ptarl: None (formerly Zakaar/Zack). One of the Mraztur. Essence Blade: Xhan (currently in the possession of Mzatal). Long white-blond hair, ice-blue eyes, tall, muscled, utterly beautiful. Seductive and charming. Betrayed and tortured Kara in a failed ritual to create a weaponized summoner (Rowan) and  raise an Earthgate. Exiled from the demon realm by Mzatal and imprisoned beside the nexus in Kara’s back yard. Associated demons: Eilahn, Olihr (syraza). Pyrenth (deceased, reyza). Kehlirik (reyza). Rega (faas).

Seretis (SAIR-uh-tis) Ptarl: Lannist. Partner of Rayst. Chiseled cheekbones, and shoulder length dark, wavy hair, reminiscent of a Spanish soap opera star. Bisexual. Loves being around humans, and has gone to extreme lengths to protect humans in the demon realm from other lords. Essence bond: Bryce Taggart.

Szerain (szair-RAIN) Ptarl: Xharbek (in hiding/presumed dead by most). Essence Blade: Vsuhl. Brilliant artist. Smart and inquisitive and very patient when his plans call for it. Is called a kiraknikahl—oathbreaker. Diminished and exiled to Earth as Ryan Kristoff, but now free. In hiding from Xharbek. Essence bond: Turek (savik).

Vahl (pronounced like the first syllable of volume) Ptarl: Korlis. Tall, black, and just the right amount of muscle. Tends toward rash decisions that cause him to be indebted to other lords.

Vrizaar (vree-ZAR) Ptarl: Fiar Dark-skinned, bald, with a goatee and no mustache. Dresses like a biblical king, with gold and jewels just shy of gaudy. As cautious and prudent as Vahl isn’t when it comes to dealings with the other lords, but not so staid that he doesn’t enjoy the thrill of adventure. Loves to sail.

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The Demahnk Ptarl


Dima (DEE-muh) Ptarl of Amkir.

Fiar (FEE-ar) Ptarl of Vrizaar.

Greeyer (gree-YEAR) Ptarl of Elofir.

Helori (heh-LOR-ee) Estranged ptarl of Kadir. Supported Kara after Rhyzkahl’s torture. Spurned by Kadir. Prefers human form to the “elder syraza” form. Often associates with Mzatal.

Ilana (ih-LAH-nah) Ptarl ofMzatal. Quietly influential.

Korlis (CORE-liss) Ptarl of Vahl.

Lannist (LAN-ist) Ptarl of Seretis. Attempted to thwart the essence bond between Seretis and Bryce.

Ssahr (suh-SAR) Ptarl of Jesral. Essence bound to Xharbek.

Trask: Ptarl of Rayst.

Xharbek (ZAR-beck) Ptarl of Szerain. Considered missing or dead by most until he showed up in pursuit of Zack, Szerain, and Ashava after the PD valve explosion. Masqueraded as Carl, the morgue tech. Essence bound to the demahnk Ssahr.

Zakaar (zah-CAR) Ex-ptarl of Rhyzkahl. a.k.a. FBI Agent Zack Garner. Broke ptarl bond with Rhyzkahl during the Farouche Plantation incident. Was the guard and guardian of Szerain during his submersion and imprisonment as Ryan Kristoff. Fading and diminished after breaking the bond. Sire of Ashava. In hiding from Xharbek.

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Residents on Kara's Property


Bryce Taggart: (40ish) Ex-hitman for J.M. Farouche. Kara’s head of security. Has essence bond with demonic lord Seretis. Was a veterinary student when he accidentally shot and killed his roommate. Recruited by J.M. Farouche shortly thereafter. Changed last name from Thatcher. Was once Paul Ortiz’s bodyguard.

Bubba Suarez: (early 40s) Security team. Construction specialist. General handyman.

Chet Watson: (mid 50s) Security team. Gunsmith and firearms expert.

David Nguyen: (late 20s) Security team. Tree expert.

Dennis Roper: (early 40s) Security team. Skilled in logistics and planning.

Jill Faciane: (late 20s) Red hair, blue eyes, petite, athletic. Kara’s best friend. Custodian of arcane library. Smart and sarcastic. Mother of Ashava. Former crime scene tech. Former gymnast who’d been favored to make the Olympic team before a bad fall.

Jordan Kellum: (mid 30s) Security team. 5’4”. Former world-class powerlifter.

Lilith Cantrell: Security team. Tech expert.

Nils Engen: (early 20s) Security team. Medic.

Ronda Greitz: (mid 30s) Security team. Mechanic and engineering specialist.

Sharini Tandon: (late 30s) Security team. Military experience. Black belts in Krav Maga and Danzan Ryū.

Vincent Pellini: (early 40s) DIRT Arcane Specialist. Trained and mentored in the arcane by Kadir. Black hair, dark eyes, mustache, not as overweight as he used to be. Boudreaux’s work partner. Works in tandem with Kara. Former detective for the Beaulac PD as a partner to Boudreaux.

Other Security Team Members: Four to eight, as needed.

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DIRT – Demonic Incursion Retaliation and Tactics
Named Characters


Joseph Starr, General

Kara Gillian, Arcane Commander

1st Cavalry Unit

  • Marcel Boudreaux Lieutenant, unit leader
  • Griz Caucasian Shepherd Dog

Alpha Squad

  • Debbie Roma Sergeant, squad leader
  • Kara Gillian Arcane Specialist/Commander
  • Scott Glassman, Corporal
  • Aali Ahmed
  • Brett Petrev
  • Christie Blauser
  • Deke Wohlreich
  • Harold Chu
  • James Abercrombie
  • Jeff Hines
  • Jude Landon
  • Meg Kowal
  • Tiffany Hurley

Bravo Squad

  • Vince Pellini Arcane Specialist
  • Nate Rushton Corporal (deceased)
  • Edward Sykes

Incursion Zone 212 (a.k.a. IZ-212, the Spires)

  • Herman Hornak Captain
  • Lucas Garvey Lieutenant
  • Gail White Sergeant
  • Jeb Frazier Corporal

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Summoners Known to Kara


Aaron Asher: (30s) Katashi’s student and associate. Former student of Rasha Hassan Jalal Al-Khouri. Associated with J.M. Farouche and the Mraztur. Whereabouts unknown.

Anton Beck: (40s)  Associated with Katashi and the Mraztur. Recruited Idris for Katashi. Whereabouts unknown.

Cherie and Keveen Bergeron: (deceased) Grandparents of Raymond Bergeron a.k.a. Tracy Gordon. Killed by Rhyzkahl in the Bloodbath Summoning.

DIRT Summoners: Eleven summoners from all over the world. Includes Kara and Idris.

Frank McCreary: (deceased) Killed by Rhyzkahl in the Bloodbath Summoning.

Gina Hallsworth: (30s) Associated with Katashi and the Mraztur. Whereabouts unknown.

Graciella “Gracie” Therese Pazhel: Tessa’s mother. Kara’s maternal grandmother. Sworn summoner of Szerain. Killed by Rhyzkahl in the Bloodbath Summoning.

Idris Palatino: (20) DIRT Arcane Specialist. Delta Squad. Student of Mzatal (and Katashi). Kara’s cousin. Son of Tessa and Rhyzkahl. Gifted summoner. Adopted as a baby, and then again as a young teen after his first adoptive parents were killed. Innocence stripped by the Mraztur. Forced to watch his sister raped and ritually tortured and murdered. Killed Isumo Katashi.

Isumo Katashi: (deceased at 100+) Master summoner. Tessa’s mentor. Conducted the very first summoning after the arcane ways reopened post-cataclysm. Was once a sworn summoner of Mzatal but betrayed him. Associated with the Mraztur and J.M. Farouche. Every living summoner has been trained by him or by one of his students. Killed by Idris Palatino. Discorporeated.

Peter Cerise/Chief Eddie Morse: (deceased in his 60s) Organized the summoning of Szerain three decades ago that ended in a bloodbath with his wife and five other summoners slain by Rhyzkahl (the Bloodbath Summoning). Sworn summoner of Szerain. Became the serial killer known as the Symbol Man. Killed by Rhyzkahl when he attempted to summon and bind the lord.

Rasha Hassan Jalal Al-Khouri: (80s) One of Katashi’s first students. Came out of summoning retirement to work with Mzatal in the demon realm. Associated with J.M. Farouche. Antagonistic relationship with summoner Aaron Asher.

Robert Lamothe: (deceased) Killed by Rhyzkahl in the Bloodbath Summoning.

Tessa Pazhel: (late 40s) Kara’s aunt and mentor. Student of Katashi. Mother of Idris Palatino. Frizzy blond hair and eclectic fashion sense. Raised Kara from age eleven. Worked closely with Katashi. Betrayed Kara to serve Katashi’s interests. Whereabouts unknown.

Tracy Gordon/Raymond Bergeron: (deceased in his late 20s) Grandson of two of the summoners killed by Rhyzkahl in the Bloodbath Summoning of Szerain. Attempted to use Kara as the sacrificial focus for an ill-conceived attempt to make a permanent gateway from Earth to the demon realm.

Tsuneo Oshiro: (late 20s) Associated with Katashi and the Mraztur. Bears a tattoo of demonic lord Jesral’s sigil. Associated with the Mraztur. Whereabouts unknown.

William Slavin: (50s) Associated with Katashi and the Mraztur. Whereabouts unknown.

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Non-Summoner Humans


Aja Patel: Physician at the Federal Command Center. In charge of the Chrysalis Project.

Amaryllis Castlebrook: Targeted for abduction by Farouche. Kara took her place to infiltrate the Farouche plantation.

Amber Palatino Gavin: Ritually raped, tortured, and  murdered by Asher, Katashi, and Steiner as a control measure for her brother Idris, and to set a trap for Kara. Body left in an eighteen wheeler in Beaulac.

Angus McDunn: (mid 50s) Broad-shouldered, big and stocky. Red and grey hair. Was J.M. Farouche’s right hand man. Husband of Catherine McDunn and stepfather to Boudreaux. Lost a young son over twenty years ago to abduction and murder.

Aria Farouche: Amicably divorced J.M. Farouche after their five-year-old daughter Madelaine was abducted and Farouche became obsessed with finding her.

Ashava: (2 months old) Daughter of Jill Faciane and the demankh Zakaar (Zack Garner). Kidnapped by Szerain and Zack. In hiding from Xharbek.

Carl: (mid 40s) Ex-morgue tech. Quiet and unflappable with an unspeakably dry sense of humor. Tessa’s ex-boyfriend. Actually the demahnk Xharbek.

Catherine McDunn: (early 50s) Ex-head trainer for Farouche’s thoroughbreds. Wife of Angus McDunn and mother of Detective Marcel Boudreaux. Whereabouts unknown. Suspected to be with Angus.

Cory Crawford: (early 40s) Sergeant with Beaulac PD. Dyed brown hair and moustache, brown eyes, stout. Chooses drab brown clothing and wild-colored ties. Good leader. On medical leave due to losing his right leg while trying to clear jail cells during the PD valve explosion.
Clint Gallagher: FBI Agent on the Arcane Investigations task force.

David Hawkins: Owner of the Grounds for Arrest coffee shop across the street from the Beaulac PD.

Earl Chris: (late 40s) Beaulac repeat offender with a propensity for violence. Was in the jail during the PD valve explosion.

Elinor Bayliss: 17th  century summoner. Trained in the demon realm with Mzatal, Rhyzkahl, and Szerain. Killed by Szerain during a ritual that precipitated the Cataclysm. A part of her essence is attached to Kara’s. Giovanni’s lover.

Giovanni Racchelli: 17th century associate and art student of Szerain. Named by Gestamar as one of Szerain’s favorite humans. Elinor’s lover. Died young. a.k.a. Little Snake.

James Macklin Farouche: (deceased late 50s) Businessman, philanthropist, and vigilante-gone-wrong. Became obsessed with finding missing children and punishing those responsible after his five-year-old daughter was abducted nearly twenty years ago. Involved with Rhyzkahl and human trafficking. Arcane talent of influencing people. Executed by Bryce Thatcher.

Jerry Steiner: (deceased, late 30s) Hitman who enjoys his work. Very nondescript appearance. Easily blends in. Rapist and sociopath. Was one of the men who participated in the rape, torture, and murder of Amber Palatino Gavin.

Jonathan Lanza (Doc): (mid 40s) St. Long Parish pathologist. Easy-going manner.

Jade: Rasha’s granddaughter. Abandoned Rasha to be with Aaron Asher.

Leo Carter: (mid 50s) Black. Close-cropped hair. Farouche’s head of security. Trained sniper—preferred weapon a Bergara tactical rifle with a Schmidt and Bender scope.

Lenny Brewster: (late 60s) Hale, sharp-minded, and soft-spoken. Lanky black man. Barn manager for Farouche’s thoroughbred farm.

Lida Moran: (deceased, 19) Was the lead singer and guitar player for Ether Madhouse. Ruthless. Sister of Michael Moran. Coerced him into murdering people. Killed by Eilahn.

Marcel Boudreaux: (early 30s) Head of DIRT 1st Cavalry Unit. Ex-Beaulac PD detective, partnered with Vince Pellini. Former jockey for J.M Farouche. Has a house on Farouche’s thoroughbred farm. Keeps that life separate from his law enforcement career. Antagonistic toward Kara. Small and wiry. Chain smoker. Nickname of “Boo” to those in the horse world.

Marco Knight: (mid 30s) Detective for the New Orleans PD. Clairvoyant or similarly gifted. Loner. Smoker.

Michael Moran: (early 20s) Brain damaged in an accident. Brilliant pianist. Has the ability to form golems out of dirt. Taken to the demon realm by Rhyzkahl and given to Amkir. Paid for in blood and pain by Seretis, and lives in the realm of Seretis and Rayst. Can sometimes clairvoyantly see the lords’ locations.

Michelle Cleland: (24) Physics major turned drug addict and prostitute on Earth. Taken to the demon realm by Rhyzkahl after the Symbol Man ritual. Empath. Flourished with Vahl as she came to understand her gift. Willing courtesan of the lords. Beloved of Elofir and resides in his realm.

Paul Ortiz: (22) Computer genius. Former captive employee of J.M. Farouche. Uses potency flows in tandem with computer networks to find information and accomplish hacker tasks. Beaten nearly to death by his cop dad because of his sexual orientation. Hispanic. Like a brother to Bryce. Critically injured by Mzatal. Resides in the demon realm with Kadir.

Pete Nelson:  Bryce Taggart’s vet school housemate. Accidentally shot and killed by Bryce.

Rob O’Connor: (mid 30s) Detective for St. Long Sheriff’s Department. Arrested Kara as a suspect in the murder of J.M. Farouche.

Richard Knox: Federal agent. Federal Command Center.

Robert Turnham: (50s) Beaulac Chief of Police. Tall, slender, black man. Meticulous, quiet, efficient. 25 years law enforcement experience.

Rupert Olson: (early 60s) Senator with an education agenda.

Scott Glassman: (late 30s) Corporal of DIRT Alpha Squad. Ex-Sergeant and patrol training officer for Beaulac PD.  Acts like a hick, but savvy. Stout, bald, ruddy complexion.

Sonny Hernandez a.k.a. Jose Luis Hernandez: (mid 30s) Former coerced hitman and kidnapper for J.M. Farouche. Has an enhanced talent for calming people. Caretaker for Zakaar after the bond with Rhyzkahl was broken. In hiding from Xharbek.

Tim Daniels: (mid 20s) Beaulac PD Officer. Open, friendly, and helpful. Found a stray cat that Eilahn adopted as Fuzzykins. Remained on the force after the PD explosion.

Tommy Lochlan: (9) Kidnapped Beaulac 3rd-grader.

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Earth Pets and Animals


Griz: Caucasian Shepherd Dog. Two hundred pound demon-killing dog of DIRT’s First Cavalry Unit.

Copper to Gold a.k.a. Psycho: Thoroughbred stallion on J.M. Farouche’s horse farm. Stellar career ended by a track accident with Boudreaux aboard.

Fuzzykins: Eilahn’s calico manx cat. Mother of Bumper, Squig, Granger, Fillion, Dire, Cake.

Sammy: Pellini’s chocolate Labrador retriever. Goofy and lovable.
The Kittens a.k.a. catlets: Approximately 3 months old. Female: Squig, Granger, and Dire. Male: Bumper, Fillion, and Cake.

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Demon Types Summonable
Demons named in the books are in italics.


Faas (faahz) 6th Level. Resembles a six-legged furry lizard with a body approximately three feet long and a sinuous tail at least twice that length. Bright blue jewel-colored iridescent fur, brilliant golden eyes slitted like a reptile’s.  Jekki, Faruk, Zhergalet, Rega.

Graa (grah-ah) 8th Level. Spider-like with wings like roaches and heads like crabs. Can have anywhere from four to eight multi-jointed legs that end in strange hands that consist of a thumb and two fingers, each tipped with curved claws.

Ilius (ILL-ee-us) 3rd Level. A coil of smoke and teeth and shifting colors. Feeds on animal essence. Tata, Wuki, Dakdak, Krum.

Kehza (KAY-za) 7th Level. Human-sized, winged, face like a Chinese dragon, skin of iridescent red and purple, and plenty of sharp teeth and claws. Can tell if a human has the ability to be a summoner. Juke.

Luhrek (LURE-eck) 4th Level. Resembling a cross between a goat and a dog with the hindquarters of a lion. Often a good source for unusual or esoteric information. Rhysel.

Mehnta (MEN-tah) 9th Level. Appearing like a human female with long flowing hair, segmented wings like a beetles, clawed hands and feet, and dozens of snake-like strands coming out of their mouths. Lazul.

Nyssor (NIGH-sore) 5th Level. Looks almost exactly like a human child, often beautiful with angelic faces. Features a little too perfect, and eyes a little too large and having sideways-slit pupils. Hundreds of sharp teeth. Many humans find them creepy as fuck. Votevha.

Reyza (RAY-za) 12th Level. Three meters tall, leathery wings, long sinuous tail, skin the color of burnished copper, horns, clawed hands, bestial face, and curved fangs. Kehlirik, Gestamar, Juntihr, Pyrenth, Safar, Sehkeril.

Savik (SAH-vick) 2nd Level. Immature savik: two foot long dog-lizard kind of thing with six legs. Mature savik: Over seven feet tall, reptilian with dark and smooth bellies, and translucent glittery scales elsewhere. Head like a cross between and wolf and a crocodile. Turek.

Syraza (sih-RAH-za) 11th Level. Slender, almost birdlike, long and graceful limbs. Pearlescent white skin, hairless. Large and slanted violet eyes in a delicate, almost human, face. Wings that look as fragile as tissue paper but most assuredly are not. Shapeshifter. Eilahn, Steeev, Olihr, Marr.

Zhurn (zurn) 10th Level. Black, oily, shifting darkness. Winged. Burning red eyes. Voice like a blast furnace. Sharp claws. Skalz.

Zrila (zRIL-uh) 1st Level. About the size of a bobcat, looks like a six-legged
newt with skin that shifts in hues of red and blue. Head like a hairless koala. Brilliant artisans who make the majority of the clothing and textiles in the demon realm. Anak.

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Demon Types – Not Summonable


Hriss (h’RIS, huh-RIS) Pixie-like essence eaters. “Mosquitos from hell.”

Kzak (k’ZAK, kuh-ZAK) Vicious, black, and dog-like. Rows of teeth and sinuous movement. Kuktok.

Luhnk (lunk) Mammoth-like. Six-legged. Huge females. German shepherd-sized males.

Nehkil (neh-KILL) Akin to a flying basking shark or living dirigible. Feeds on stray potency in the form of “ethereal spores.”

Skarl (SCAR-ul) Hyena-like in form, but friendly as a socialized house cat. Musky. Gives off a comforting vibe when sleeping in a pack.

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Named Demons and Associated Demonic Lord


Anak zrila: Mzatal. Textile artisan. Made one of Mzatal’s neckties.

Bikturk reyza: No lord. Jontari. Nicknamed “Big Turd” by Kara.

Cheytok faas: Seretis.

Dakdak ilius: Mzatal. Never far from Mzatal in his palace. Dubbed as a “Mzatal Early Warning System” by Idris because he often arrives in a room shortly before the lord.

Dekkak reyza: No lord. Jontari. Warlord and imperator. More then three thousand years old.

Eilahn syraza: Rhyzkahl. Multiethnic beautiful in human form. Assigned by Rhyzkahl as bodyguard for Kara. Takes her job seriously. Adores holiday decorations and her cat, Fuzzykins.

Faruk faas: Mzatal. Jekki’s mate. Delights in styling hair. Maintains Mzatal’s intricate braid.

Gestamar reyza: Mzatal (essence bound). One of the oldest reyza. Sense of humor and scary all at the same time.

Gurgaz unique: a.k.a. Slugthing. Jontari. Associated with Dekkak.

Jekki faas: Mzatal. Spry and energetic personal attendant of Mzatal. Loves to cook. Faruk’s mate.

Juke kehza: Mzatal. Summoned by Kara to assess a human for summoning ability. Loves pistachios.

Kajjon reyza: Amkir.

Kehlirik reyza: Rhyzkahl. Often summoned by Kara. Skilled with wards. Loves popcorn and human books.

Krum ilius: Mzatal. Sometimes mistaken for Wuki.

Kuktok kzak: Kadir. One of Pellini’s demon mentors. Status unknown.

Lazul mehnta: Mzatal. Keeper of Mzatal’s grove.

Marr syraza: Seretis. First syraza Kara ever summoned.

Olihr syraza: Rhyzkahl. Struck down by an anomaly in Szerain’s realm. Saved by Safar and Ilana.

Pyrenth reyza: Rhyzkahl. Killed by Kara using an essence blade.

Rysehl luhrek: Elofir. The demon Kara was trying to summon when Rhyzkahl came through instead.

Rega faas: Rhyzkahl. One of Rhyzkahl’s personal attendants.

Rodian reyza: Jesral.

Safar reyza: Mzatal. Escorted Kara in Szerain’s realm when she first arrived. Crashed into the grove while carrying her.

Sehkeril reyza: Kadir. A lanky demon with a cruel streak. Eviscerated Kara during the Symbol Man’s final ritual. One of Pellini’s demon mentors.

Skalz zhurn: Vahl. Prefers to communicate telepathically.

Steeev syraza: Mzatal. Recruited by Kara as a bodyguard during Jill’s pregnancy. Killed (on Earth) by J.M. Farouche’s sniper. In stasis in the demon realm.

Tata ilius: Mzatal. That other ilius.

Turek savik: Szerain (essence bound). Ancient demon. Has known Szerain for thousands of years.

Votevha nyssor: Unknown. Summoned by Kara to assess a human for summoning ability. Likes bacon. Creepy.

Wuki ilius: Mzatal. Sometimes mistaken for Krum.

Yulz reyza: No lord. Jontari warlord associated with Dekkak.

Zhergalet faas: Vrizaar. Expert with wards.

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Demon Words


Chak (like chalk without the L) Hot beverage without an Earth equivalent.

Chekkunden (cheh-KUN-din) Derogatory. Rough translation: honorless scum.

Chikdah (CHICK-daa) Derogatory. Rough translation: cunt.

Dahn (dahn) No.

Ekiri (ih-KEER-ee) Race that lived amongst the demons long ago, but departed for a new realm thousands of years past. Taught the demons mastery of the arcane. Built stone pavilions the demons call “gateways.”

Iliok (ILL-ee-ock) The three essence blades. Created by Mzatal.

Jhivral (j’HIV-rall) A true plea. Not the casually polite usage of “please” in English.

Jontari (zjon-TAR-ee, jon-TAR-ee) Demons who do not associate directly with the demonic lords. The vast majority of the demon population. Cities and enclaves are far from the palaces of the lords.

Kibit (KIH-bit) Little snake.

Kiraknikahl (keh-RAK-nee-call) Oathbreaker.

Kri (kree) Yes.

Ptarl (puhTAR-ul) Demahnk advisor and counselor to a qaztahl. Bound by ancient oaths.

Pygah (PIE-gah) An arcane sigil used for calm, focus, and centering. A foundational teaching for summoners (though Kara was not taught it until she met Mzatal). Most effective when traced as a floating sigil, but may be done mentally.

Qazlek: Demons who closely associate with the lords. Despised by the Jontari.

Qaztahl (KAHZ-tall) A demonic lord or the demonic lords as a group.

Qaztehl (KAHZ-tell) An unfettered, unmanipulated demonic lord. Ashava is the only one.

Rakkuhr (rah-KOOR) A red potency said to be alien to the demon realm. Rhyzkahl, Jesral, and Szerain are known to use it. Mzatal and Kadir despise it.

Saarn (sarn) A human or other creature who feeds on essence. Does not apply to species like the ilius or hriss whose natural food is essence.

Shik-natahr (SHICK-nahTAR) Rough translation: born of the eleven. An honoring designation. Spoken to Kara by Kadir.

Shikvihr (SHICK-veer) Rough translation: potency of the eleven. An eleven-circle ritual that offers a power base to other rituals and enhances a summoner or lord’s abilities. Completion of all eleven circles/rings gives a summoner the ability to trace floating sigils on Earth.

Syraza (sih-RAH-za) Shapechanger.

Tah sesekur dih lahn (tah seh-seh-KUR dee lon)  Rough translation: I understand and feel for/with you.

Vdat koh akiri qaztehl (v-DOT ko ah-KEER-ee KAHZ-tell)  Infinite resources to the all-powerful demonic lord unfettered. Words spoken by Szerain when he completed the twelfth sigil on Kara’s lower back.

Yaghir tahn (YAH-gear tahn) Forgive me.

Zharkat (ZAR-cat) Beloved.

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