Nov 25

Blood of the Demon

Random House has an excerpt from the first chapter of Blood of the Demon up at their website. Check it out!

Blood of the Demon will be available February 23, 2010!

Nov 16

Gender roles

As many of you know, I have a daughter (The Kid) in kindergarten. I do my best to raise her with the understanding and knowledge that she should not let gender define her choices or behavior. I repeatedly affirm to her that she can play any sport or hold any job she wants, and that being a girl or a boy makes no difference. She takes karate, she loves to run and chase, she adamantly prefers the “boy” toys at McDonalds, and she also enjoys making crafts and playing with dolls. I’ve been pleased that she seems to be developing into a nicely well-rounded individual, unconstrained by what boys or girls “should” do…

Until yesterday, when my sweet little girl ran into the living room, hopped up onto my lap, FARTED, and then ran off, laughing hysterically.

Lesson: Be careful what you wish for!

Nov 6

Giveaway giveaway update

Abigail and Jennifer (Arceneaux), my emails don’t seem to be getting through to y’all, so if you’d please drop me an email with a snail mail adress in it, I’ll get those books out to you!

email to diana [at] dianarowland [dot] com