No working out today. Felt cruddy in the way that one feels cruddy when a cold is trying to take up residence, i.e. scratchy throat, cough, nonexistent energy. Plus my legs are pretty achy, so I’m taking today as a rest day, slamming the vitamin C, and will dive back into the bike/swim/run rotation tomorrow.

This past week’s massive excitement (Ha!) was the delivery of a new stove/oven/range hood/microwave. The appliances in our house are just shy of ancient, and we keep saying things like, “When we get extra money, we’re going to replace everything!” But, really, there’s no such thing as “extra money”, and so we’ve been limping along as much as possible. The microwave/range hood crapped out almost a year ago, so we bought a counter-top microwave to sub for that. The oven went into fail-mode a couple of months back, so we bought a toaster oven. Then the stovetop died last week, and we were reduced to using a hot plate, plus, by this point, we had no damn counter space left and had to admit that we would need to use some non-extra money and buy a new stove.

I do hope, though, that the fridge and dishwasher can hold out until my next royalty statement. Ugh.

The stove itself was delivered on Saturday, which was no more complicated than yanking the old one out and shoving the new one in. However the microwave required special installation, and yesterday the installers came out to do that, which means I now have the ability to cook AND have more counter space upon which to pile dirty dishes.

However, when the installation team came out, I had an “Oh, cool!” moment when I saw that it was two women. Hey, great, we’ve come a long way, baby, and all that good stuff. But right after thinking that, I thought that it was a shame that I would even think “Oh, cool!” at all. Yeah, we’ve come a long way, baby, but we’ll have really made it when we don’t even bat an eyelash, and don’t stop and think about how far we’ve come.