Nov 24


Wow. I’m already getting the “You’re going to give me a free book when it comes out, right?” from people I know.

But, I think I’ve come up with the perfect comeback. I’ve started responding with, “If a friend of yours was opening up a restaurant, how would you show your support? By giving him your business and dining there, or by asking him for a free meal?”

It’s amazing how many people don’t make the “writing=business” connection until it’s emphatically pointed out to them. I have to say, though, that there’ve also been quite a few people who’ve told me that they’re buying several. I do love them so!

Nov 20

Now with ad copy!

Mark of the Demon has been available for preorder in quite a few places for some time now, but I just saw that the Random House website now has the cover up, complete with the little tag line at the top:

“A killer on the loose. A demon in her bed. She’s walking a dangerous line between heavenly pleasure–and one hell of a death.”

This is just so darn cool. :)

Nov 12

Tell the truth, please

There are a number of reasons why the “procreation” argument against same-sex marriage bugs the crap out of me. Obviously, one major reason is because it’s completely illogical and incredibly inconsistent.

But that’s not the main reason it pisses me off. The number one reason why the procreation argument makes me just crazy-mad is because it’s a cop-out. It’s nothing more than a way for people who hate and fear homosexuals to argue against anything that could give them happiness or benefits, without actually saying that they hate and fear homosexuality. Oh no, it’s not about hate and fear, they say. It’s about the children. So, you see, it’s a noble cause that they pursue. They just want what’s best for the children. For da cute widdle babies. Really, it’s just an unfortunate coincidence that it happens to deny happiness to a certain misguided demographic.

So please don’t give me that “traditional marriage” argument or the “procreation” argument or the “family values” argument. If you’re against same-sex marriage, please have the balls to say that you’re against it because you’re full of hate and fear.

Thank you.

Nov 12

After all, we need to be consistent

Peter Sprigg, Vice President of the Family Research Council, stated today on MSNBC that “same sex marriage does not fulfill the fundamental purpose of marriage, which is to encourage the reproduction of the human race, and the raising of children by their own biological mother and father. That’s the fundamental reason that marriage is defined as the union of one man and one woman.”

Therefore, in order to be consistent Mr. Sprigg’s definition of marriage, I feel we should immediately enact the following legislations:

Post-menopausal women will not be allowed to marry.

Any man or woman who is known to be sterile will not be allowed to marry.

Any man or woman who has undergone any sterilization procedure, e.g. tubal ligation or vasectomy will not be allowed to marry.

Any couple who openly states that they do not wish to have children will not be allowed to marry.

Moreover, any couple who fails to produce offspring within a reasonable length of time after their union will have their union dissolved for willful defiance of the fundamental reason for marriage.

Because, if concern about procreation is truly the reason for banning same-sex marriage, shouldn’t childless marriages be banned as well?

Nov 5

The magic room

At one point during all of the election hoopla I had the tv turned to MSNBC. The Kid was sitting beside me on the couch, and I was watching a segment where some female commentator stood in the middle of a set, and while she spoke she would gesture and a chart or series of graphs would rise from the floor to demonstrate her point. I knew, of course, that the appearance of the charts was just a cgi trick, and that the woman was gesturing to empty air. But The Kid was amazed, and asked where the Magic Room was. It actually took me several seconds to figure out what she was asking about, then she pointed to the tv when, once again, the woman gestured and the graphs magically appeared to rise from the floor.

To her, this was magic. And I realized that she was right. Just because I know how it works, and have become inured to how cool it is, doesn’t make it any less magic. So instead of telling her that it wasn’t magic, I tried to explain to her that the magic was performed by several people, with computers and impressive equipment. She seemed to accept that, but for the rest of the night I paid attention to the various cgi touches that we’ve all become so used to, that really are pretty impressive magics.

Nov 4

I can’t even imagine how it feels…

They showed Jesse Jackson–standing still in the middle of a bunch of cheering, shouting, ecstatic people–with tears streaming down his face.

Oh yeah, I started crying again.

Nov 4

Well done, sir

Senator McCain has given a damn fine speech.

Nov 4

My faith in my nation is restored

I just called my husband and chanted, “YES WE CAN!! YES WE CAN!!”

Nov 4

4 Nov 08

I’m back home and I feel like I should be doing a post-WFC entry, but I think that’s going to have to wait because of what today is.

I’ve been watching The Daily Show, and CNN, and MSNBC for the past months and years, laughing along with the comedians, agreeing with some of the pundits and shaking my head in dismay at others.

But today is the day it all boils down to. I’m sitting here crying as I type this, because I don’t think I’ve ever seen as pivotal a moment in the history of this nation as right now and right here. This is truly the election that our children and our grandchildren will look back at and say, “There. That was the day that mattered.” Either way this election goes, it will matter so terribly much, and it will make a greater difference in our future than any other election has ever made in my lifetime. I have cared more, this time. It has been closer to home this time. I have felt more deep and driving passion, because, this time we are set to make a choice that will define what this nation stands for.

Please, if you have not already done so, make an informed vote. It matters. Show the rest of the world which path you want this country to take.