Oct 28

The winners of the giveaway giveaway!

The completely randomly picked winners of a copy of Mark of the Demon to be read and then passed on are:

Pia Veleno
Zombie Joe
Elaine G
Jennifer (sorry, there was more than one Jennifer–this is the jenarceneaux one)
Barbara Elness

Hurray!! I’ll be sending an email out to the winners in just a few minutes, asking you to supply me with a mailing address. To the rest of you, thank you SO much for playing along and posting your terrific testimonials to the power of sharing books! Keep on lending!!

Oct 27

Dear child of mine,

What I want to say to my daughter:

My darling child: I know that there are many times when you don’t like or appreciate the decisions I make, or the rules I set forth, or the limits I place. I’m very sorry for this, but my job as a parent is to protect and nurture you and to prepare you for your future as best as I can. Sometimes I am attempting to protect you from risks and dangers that are tangible and immediate. Sometimes I am attempting to protect you from unpleasantness and peril that might happen in the future if you continue on a certain path of behavior. Sometimes I am attempting to prepare you for the vagaries and uncertainties of adult life. The demands I place on you are not intended to be cruel or unreasonable, but are instead imposed in the hope that you will be challenged and will grow in a positive fashion from the experience, whether it be in the areas of responsibility, education, or morals. The lectures I force you to endure are not meant to bore and nag you into submission, but are lessons from my own life experience that I hope you can learn with far less hardship than I endured. I want the absolute best for you, and pray that you enjoy a long and happy life, full of every possible opportunity and well-prepared for inevitable disappointments. To that end I must sometimes weigh your immediate gratification against your future potential, and make a choice that is based on my own experience and knowledge of a world that you are still largely ignorant of.

I will sometimes make mistakes, and will sometimes make decision and demands that you truly feel are unreasonable and illogical. In this event, I will steel myself to not be swayed by outbursts of emotion, invectives, or inappropriate behavior, and, in fact, the aforementioned behavior will most likely encourage me to enact reprisals as I continue to do my best to shape you into a responsible, and mature adult. That being said, I will be more than willing to listen to a reasonable and calm argument, backed by facts, experience, or compelling anecdote, and I promise you that I will hear your argument with an open mind and a willingness to change my position.

I love you.


What I actually say to my daughter:

Because I said so! And stop whining!

Oct 26

I’m going to be living at the post office soon

Another giveaway, but this one’s going to be a little different. I have eight copies of Mark of the Demon to give away, but these are NOT going to be autographed copies. Instead, I’m asking that, after you finish reading it, you pass it along to someone who you think might enjoy it. And then ask them to pass it along when they finish it, etc.

To enter, post a comment and give an example of a series or author you fell in love with after reading a book that was borrowed (from library, friend, relative, whatever.)

Contest will close Wednesday morning (October 28th) as soon as I’ve consumed my coffee.

ETA: You can also give an example of a series/author that you hooked someone else on by loaning them a book!

Oct 12

And the randomly picked winner of the six pack is….

GRETA! Woohoo!! Congrats!

Email me with your address and I’ll ship your six pack to you!
(email: diana [at] dianarowland [dot] com)

And, if you didn’t win, don’t fret! There are more awesome giveaways coming up soon! Huge thanks to everyone who entered. I had a lot of fun reading everyone’s “six things”. :)

Oct 7

Giving away a six-pack of AWESOME!!

Contest time again!! But this one’s going to be a little different. One lucky person will win the following six-pack of books:

Six pack of books!

Displayed are:

Speak of the Devil by Jenna Black
Doubleblind by Ann Aguirre
Darker Angels by MLN Hanover
Rosemary and Rue by Seanan McGuire
The Trouble With Demons by Lisa Shearin
Norse Code by Greg van Eekhout

To enter, simply leave a comment and list six things. It can be ANYTHING. On Sunday, October 11th, I will randomly pick one winner to receive the whole six pack of AWESOME books. (Yes, this is open to international peeps too, though please be aware that I’ll be using the cheapest (i.e. slowest) shipping method available.)

Go wild!

ETA: It can be six ANYTHINGS! Does not have to be random. Can be six flavors, six colors, six organ names, six things seen on the way to the corner… can be anything at all!!