Sep 28

Conversations with the Kid

Conversation with Anna after picking her up from daycare:

“Mom! I’m hungry. Want some milk!”

“Okay, we’ll be home in just a few minutes and you can have some milk then.”

“Mommy! I want to eat pancakes!”

“Yummy! Do you want to eat waffles?” [note: we have waffles at home, but no pancakes.]

“No waffles!! Mom! I want to eat cars!”

“Okay. What color cars?”


“With tires or without?”

“No tires. Mom! I want to eat a fire engine!”

“What color fire engine?”

“RED!” [note: there is an unspoken “Duh!” here.]”Mom! I want to eat a house! Mom! I want to eat a dump truck! Mom! I want to eat a chair!”

(When we got home she drank 2 big cups of milk, ate three pieces of cheese, a bunch of grapes, and a big piece of avocado. And the night is young. I think maybe she’s going through a growth spurt.)

Sep 22

Upcoming appearances

September 23, 2006
Barnes & Noble, Mandeville, LA

November 2-5, 2006
World Fantasy Con (hopefully!!!)

November 11, 2006
B-Dalton Bookstore, Slidell, LA (Northshore Mall)

November 18, 2006
Books A Million, Covington, LA

December 16, 2006
Barnes & Noble, Harvey, LA

Sep 21

Skinnier than an anorexic toothpick

So, the lastest fashion trend in jeans seems to be “skinny jeans.”

I like two things about the linked article. First is the ad for liposuction that’s at the top of the page. The second is the advice for people who might be a teensy bit heavier than a balsa twig:

“Skinny is about a look, not about a waistline,” Jasmer reassured. “It’s about a modern way of wearing your jeans.

“If you’re a little bit fuller, you can balance it with the fall’s big chunky cable sweaters,” she said. “It gives you some nice balance. Or a terrific long tunic with a cropped pair.”

Because, you know, no one will ever guess that you have rolls of fat spilling out over your jeans if you swath yourself with enough bulkiness up top. Hey Sexy! Nice balance!

I’d like to know why the hell any sane designer would put forth a style that only .000002% of the population can actually wear and not look like horrible in. (Don’t answer that. Designers have a long and sordid history of putting forth fashion that looks like shit on everyone except Kate Moss.)

I’d also like to know if the skinny jeans come with a complementary bottle of ipecac syrup.

Sep 19


Don’t forget! Today is National Talk Like A Pirate Day!!

Sep 11

Two cool things

For my local readers: I was interviewed this morning on WLAE about my Writers of the Future win, and said interview will air this Wednesday at 7pm (rebroadcast at 11pm.) Woo! I really don’t have a clear memory of what I said, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t make a complete ass of myself. It was for one of these PBS community news program thingies (the show is called: Greater New Orleans, Road to Recovery) and I’m not really sure what my win has to do with he New Orleans recovery, but I’m not going to complain!

So, that was this morning and that was really cool. But the other cool thing was that this past Saturday my boss invited Jack and me to go with him and his wife to the coast to see Jay Leno at one of the casinos. Not only did we have front row seats (and Leno is hysterically funny, by the way!) but before the show we were taken backstage and got to meet Jay Leno and get pictures with him! Double Woo!