Ahem. Well, a few of you might have notice that I sort of stopped blogging for a while. Er, “a while” being a year and a half. In my pitiful defense, I’ve been crazy stupid busy. And, maybe a little lazy at the same time. ;-)

So, as most of you probably know already (assuming I have ANY readers left at all, though I figure that this will most likely pop up in some feeds and surprise the hell out of a few people) I’ve had a few books come out since I last blogged. In January 2012 Sins of the Demon came out, then in July Even White Trash Zombies Get the Blues hit shelves, and finally, on December 31st Touch of the Demon made its appearance. Told you I was busy! LOL

Okay, so we’re all caught up now, right? :-D

All right, maaaaaybe there’s more news. In spring of 2012 my lovely editor agreed to buy three more books in the White Trash Zombie series, as well as four more in the Kara Gillian series. That brings the total books in each series to six and nine, respectively, and I’m pretty sure that’ll be enough to complete the story arcs I have planned for both.

Also, I just turned in White Trash Zombie Apocalypse, which will be out Jul 2, 2013. And, the next book in the Kara Gillian series will be Fury of the Demon, which will most likely be out near the end of the year.

And, in news mostly unrelated to books, part of the reason I stopped blogging here was because controlling the comment spam here ate up a ridiculous amount of my time, even with the akismet plugin. So, I’m debating shifting my blogging to something that isn’t actually something I host myself. Right now I use a wordpress platform, but I’m considering simply shifting the blog to an actual wordpress blog hosted on wordpress.com. Does anyone know if that would help with the whole comment spam problem? Or does anyone have other suggestions?

Either way, I do intend to get back to this whole blog thing. I actually do miss it.

But spam.. ugh. Don’t miss that.