Hurray! My Life as a White Trash Zombie officially hits stores today!

My life as a white trash zombie cover

I say “officially” because I’ve been getting reports of sightings for well over a week. And, when the family and I were on our way back from Destin, FL, this past weekend, we stopped in at a bunch of different bookstores** on the way back, and all of them had several copies of the book in stock. (And yes, there are now signed copies of said books at all of those bookstores!)

But, just in case your local store actually abided by release dates, now here’s no excuse for them to not have it in stock!

And now for the challenge:

If My Life as a White Trash Zombie hits the New York Times bestseller list, I will get this tattoo:

I Love Brains tattoo

I am currently completely un-inked. This would be my very first tattoo. And I promise many pictures and much video should the inking take place!

So now you know what to do!

** Barnes & Noble stores in Destin, FL, Pensacola, FL, and Gulfport, MS. Books-A-Million stores in Destin, FL and Fort Walton Beach, FL.