May 28


Another reviewer had some nice things to say about Mark of the Demon. :)

May 27

Busy is my middle name!

Holy crap, too much to share!

First off, less than a month until Mark of the Demon hits the shelves! Woot! Reviews are starting to pop up here and there (scroll down to the second review,) and in the next few weeks I’ll be guest blogging at various sites around the ole ‘net. (Yes, I hear you complaining that I can’t even keep up with this blog, so how the heck can I think that I can blog somewhere else? You just hush!)

Second, some holy crap news: Blood of the Demon is now available for preorder on Amazon! (Release date of January 26, 2010.) OMG, I have a backlist!

Lessee… I’m heading up to Kentucky this weekend for a couple of days to be a guest instructor at the Writers Retreat Workshop. I’m sincerely hoping that this almost-a-cold that I’m fending off stays fended off, because flying with stuffy sinuses is never fun. After that I won’t be going anywhere writing-related until late July when I head to San Diego for Comic-Con. I’m also dragging Jack and the Kid along with me, so they’ll most likely be hitting LegoLand and SeaWorld while I have nerdgasms at the Con.

I’m also going to start with some contests/giveaways on this blog (and I promise I’ll update more frequently too!) So, either keep your RSS feed well oiled, or check back frequently!

And finally, on a non-writing note, a while back the Kid was watching Go Diego Go. The episode was about a young road runner (the bird) getting ready to run some sort of race. The Kid turned to me and asked me what kind of noises road runners made.

I answered, “BeepBeep!”

Like, duh.

May 11

Mother’s day

Last Friday was a Mother’s Day luncheon at my daughter’s school, where the moms got to sit down with their darlings and enjoy a lovely repast of cheese sandwiches and carrot sticks.[g] The kids sang songs for us, and had artwork hung along the walls, but the absolute best part was the “essay” that each kid wrote (or rather, dictated to the teacher) about their mother. This was mine:

My mom’s name is Diana. She helps me. Her eyes are blue and her hair is red right now. She likes to go to hotels. She loves to eat at restaurants. She’s good at jumprope and bicycles. Her favorite color is blue and her favorite food is macaroni. She gives me lots of love. She is beautiful. She loves me forever. I like when she helps me.

(I especially love the part about how I like to go to hotels..LOL)