Peter Sprigg, Vice President of the Family Research Council, stated today on MSNBC that “same sex marriage does not fulfill the fundamental purpose of marriage, which is to encourage the reproduction of the human race, and the raising of children by their own biological mother and father. That’s the fundamental reason that marriage is defined as the union of one man and one woman.”

Therefore, in order to be consistent Mr. Sprigg’s definition of marriage, I feel we should immediately enact the following legislations:

Post-menopausal women will not be allowed to marry.

Any man or woman who is known to be sterile will not be allowed to marry.

Any man or woman who has undergone any sterilization procedure, e.g. tubal ligation or vasectomy will not be allowed to marry.

Any couple who openly states that they do not wish to have children will not be allowed to marry.

Moreover, any couple who fails to produce offspring within a reasonable length of time after their union will have their union dissolved for willful defiance of the fundamental reason for marriage.

Because, if concern about procreation is truly the reason for banning same-sex marriage, shouldn’t childless marriages be banned as well?