Anna asleep in the hotel bed on Sunday morning before we went to the airport. She’s all arms and legs. :)

Anna asleep in the hotel bed on Sunday morning

My pics from earlier in the week didn’t turn out all that great, so the rest of these are pretty much from Friday on. I did, however, take lots of video, which I will post once I figure out how to get it off of my camera.

This is Brian Rappatta (my writing “twin”) crammed into a tiny plane at the San Diego Aerospace Museum.

Brian in the plane

This is me crammed into a tiny plane.

Me in the plane

This is me on the way to the lobby on the afternoon of the ceremony.

Evening gown

This is me attempting to straighten Brian’s tie.

Brian and his tie

Jack and me in all of our formal glory.

Jack and me

From left to right: Lee Beavington, Brian Rappatta, Mike Rimar, Sarah Totton, Diana Rowland

Getting ready to leave for the ceremony

Ten people stuffed into a ten-person limo, where the ten people are assumed to be anorexic high school girls, not middle-aged writers with middle-aged spread. From left to right: Tiffany Hutchins, Blake Hutchins, Brandon Sigrist, Sarah Totton.

Ten people in a limo

This is after the ceremony, where the photographers were valiantly attempting to get everyone together for a group picture.

Cat herding

More cat herding

The signing afterward:

Signing after the ceremony

More signing after the ceremony

And then the next day, signing at Mysterious Galaxy bookstore in San Diego. I was at the cool table with David John Baker, David Sakmyster, Kevin J. Anderson, Brian Herbert, me, and Steven Saville. We had a blast!

The cool table

And finally, more of the signing at Mysterious Galaxy. I’m not even going to try to identify everyone in this picture.

More signing