There’ve been a few changes in the mad schedule of signings, etc:

Nov 2-5
World Fantasy Con
(Upgraded from “hopefully” to “Definitely”!)

Nov 11th, 2-4pm
LSU Bookstore, Baton Rouge

Nov 12th, 2-4pm
Barnes & Noble, Mandeville. (Yes, this is a repeat performance. They actually asked me back!)

Nov 18th, 2-4pm
Books A Million, Covington

Nov 25th, 3-6pm
B Dalton bookstore, Slidell Mall. Yes, this is a signing in a mall bookstore the weekend after Thanskgiving. Akk!

Dec 9th, 2-4pm
Books A Million, Baton Rouge

Dec 16th, 2-4pm
Barnes & Noble, Harvey