I was in Austin, TX this past weekend for the World Fantasy Convention, which was an exhaustingly good time. I didn’t really have much of any agenda in mind when I got there, but I sort of developed one as time went by, since it was pointed out to me that I was going to have a novel ready to shop in a few months, and maybe it would be smart to start feeling out the market and find out about agents and editors? Huh? Yeah? That would make sense?

So I’d say that 95% of my agenda this past weekend was to have fun, interact with other writers, remind myself why I love this genre so damn much, and get fired up about building a career again. Fortunately, that usually tied in perfectly to the other 5% of my agenda which was, as stated earlier, to feel out agents and editors. As far as the 5% side went, I think it was enormously successful. The type of novel I’m working on is apparently a very “hot” type right now (according to several industry heavy-hitters), so I may be hitting the market just perfectly. Tie that to my real-life experience in law enforcement and with the coroner’s office, and I managed to generate a significant amount of interest, with a decent-sized handful of agents and editors asking to see sample chapters and synopsis. It was nicely satisfying. I also felt successful at the other 95% of my agenda, which involved lots of sitting in the bar or the coffee area and chatting and catching up and meeting new people and that sort of thing.

Overall, I had a very good time. Definitely worth going to.

And now, the pictures!

Paolo Bacigalupi and Maureen McHugh
Paolo Bacigalupi and Maureen McHugh, holding a book by Howard Waldrop. More literary material here than you can shake a stick at!

Daniel Abraham
Daniel Abraham, looking very authorial and serious. Why, I have no idea.

Jae and Jay
The lovely Jae Brim and the lovelier Jay Lake.

Diana Rowland, Walter Jon Williams, Jae Brim
Walter and his Witches, 2006.

Blake Charlton
Blake Charlton looking composed and calm, before his slide into utter disgrace.

JJA and Blake
JJA lures Blake to the dark side.

Blake realizes that his career is in shambles due to his poor choice in companions.

Paolo Bacigalupi and Jae Brim
Jae does her best to keep Paolo in line.

Paolo Bacigalupi
My absolute favoritist picture of Paolo.

Paolo Bacigalupi
Paolo attempting to look respectable. Yeah, right.

Lunch at Cheesecake Factory
Daniel Abraham, Jae Brim, Karen Perry, me, L.E. Modesitt, Jr.

L.E. Modesitt, Jr and me. This guy is a total class act. Charming and nice, and incredibly willing to share his insights into the industry as well as giving hints and tips on marketing and publicity. Go buy his books.

JJA, Deanna Hoak, Jae Brim, Karen Perry
JJA, Deanna Hoak, Jae Brim, Karen Perry

Laura Anne Gilman, James Hartley, Serena Powers, Tim Powers
Laura Anne Gilman, James Hartley, Serena Powers, Tim Powers

John Picacio and Jae Brim
John Picacio and Jae Brim

Alethea Kontis and Jenny Rae Rappaport
Alethea Kontis and Jenny Rae Rappaport

Eric James Stone
Eric James Stone looks down on the little people

David Coe and James Hartley
David Coe and James Hartley

Diana Rowland and Daniel Abraham
Daniel Abrahma ignores me as he prays.

Jae Brim, Diana Rowland, Daniel Abraham
Daniel Abraham gives Jae Brim and me an odd look. I’m not quite sure why.

Deanna Hoak
The incredibly lovely and talented Deanna Hoak

Daniel Abraham, John Joseph Adams
Daniel contemplates sucking JJA’s brain out