We just got back from the Coroner’s Office Christmas party, and I’m sitting up in bed listening over the monitor to my husband attempting to put Anna to sleep. She fighting him hard right now, and there’s a lot of shrieking and wailing, but I don’t think it’s going to take long for the fight to go out of her. I was actually pretty shocked that she was still awake when we got home (after 10), but we used a brand new babysitter tonight and I had told her that she didn’t need to kill herself trying to get Anna to go to bed. This was a pretty young girl that we used tonight (13), and so she probably wasn’t really up to the kind of negotiations that are involved in the bedtime rituals of a two-year old.

However, the seriously good news is that the girl who comes and cleans my house once a week told me today that she’d be willing to babysit for me if I ever wanted. And I will most likely take her up on that offer. She can definitely use the money, and she’s also an adult with a child of her own, so I know she can handle kids. Really, the only reason I never used her before for babysitting is that she didn’t have a strong grasp of english, and I worried about her ability to summon help if necessary. Now, however, nearly a year after she started cleaning my house, she is damn near fluent in english, which shames me since in that same amount of time I’ve managed to learn about six words of spanish.

The other plus to her babysitting is that she lives about five minutes from my house, which pretty much clinches the deal for me.

Who knows, maybe Jack and I will be able to actually [gasp] go out more than once every two months!