Today was an interesting day. It started out with a search for my husband’s cell phone and our debit card. We walked around the parking lot where he thought he’d dropped it last night, and we were just about to give up when a total stranger walked up and asked us if we were looking for a cell phone and if we were it was over on top of the garbage can.

This was Jack’s brand new LG 9900, so we were pretty damn pleased to get it back, to say the least.

(The search for the debit card did not go as well, so I ended up having to cancel it. Not a huge deal except for the fact that it I realized that I had no way to get cash until Tuesday now. Jeez.)

Then we went to breakfast at Waffle House. Near the end of the meal Anna began to get restless, so Jack told her that we were going to go look at puppies after we ate. Sooooo…. we went to Petsmart to look at Gerbils and Hamsters and Kitties and Fishies… but they didn’t have any puppies (or grownup puppies, for that matter.)

So, I think I was the one who suggested that we go to the human society shelter (which is less than a mile down the road from our house.) And that was my undoing.

We walked through the kennels, looking at the sad and desperate faces of the dogs. I told the woman that I didn’t want a puppy. I wanted a grown dog that was already housebroken. One that was good with kids, and that would tolerate a cat. There were several to choose from, dogs that had been there for months and months, who you could just see were aching for a life outside of the kennel.

We came home with this one, who we later dubbed “Charlie.”

I told Anna that she’d asked Santa for a puppy, and that Charlie had asked Santa for a family. And everyone was happy.