My battle against comment spam continues. I’m averaging about 200 spam posts a day, so I finally went through them the other night and pulled out as many “key” words as I could and put them in the “blacklist” section.

So, don’t try and make any comments that contain the name of ANY sort of prescription or diet drug. And, I’m not being a prude (anyone who knows me should be aware that I am most certainly NOT) but try to refrain from using words pertaining to sexual activity. Don’t tell me about your ringtone. Don’t direct me to the cool p.o.r.n site you found. Don’t tell me about your cousin who had the sexchange operation and is now a s.h.e.m.a.l.e. Don’t tell me that I’m now a m.i.l.f. (even though I would definitely take that as a compliment!) And don’t tell me the exploits of your cute little p.u.s.s.y. cat.

Unfortunately that only cuts out about 2/3 of the spam, but it’s a start!

Oh, and thanks to various people who emailed me with suggestions. I think that I have failed to respond to some of you, but please know that I DID read your message and take it seriously, and will try very hard to catch up on my email backlog very soon.


Work has been psychotically busy. I’ve had to cut back on my time working in the morgue to focus more on the IT portion of my jobtitle. Our new director came on board a few weeks ago and we’re full steam ahead on getting the new DNA and Toxicology lab set up. And since the technology level in this office was approximately 1980-level before I came on board, and it now needs to be about 2010, I have my work cut out for me!

And, the added excitement to that whole venture is Windows Vista. See, there seems to be a lot of existing software that doesn’t work quite right with Vista, so we would really like to keep using XP for at least a year until more of the rough patches get ironed out. Problem is, Dell has said that they’re going to stop selling computers with XP in just a couple of months.

In other words, we need to figure out how many computers we’re going to need for our new labs for the next year and buy them now. (Yes, I realize that I could always just uninstall Vista and install XP instead, but we also don’t want Office 2007 and various other New Shit so this is the easiest option. I hope. Sheesh.) On the upside, the Dell reps are drooling at the thought of selling me so many computers. :)


And, since I haven’t posted any AnnaCuteness in a while, here’s a video of Anna riding her cousin’s horse. (Her cousin is the one leading the horse. He does barrel racing, and at the meets they sometimes do “lead ins” of the little kids, where they lead the horses around the barrels. Anna LOVES it. I think I’m going to be buying a horse in a few years. Sigh. :) )

Anna and the barrels