Progress is definitely being made on the whole change of locale for Casa Rowland. As I stated in a previous post, we rejected the ridiculous counter-offer on the first house we were looking at (it was ridiculous because they came down a fractional amount of the difference in their asking price and our offer, and then on top of that they were demanding a $5000 deposit along with all sorts of confirmations on the financing as well as wanting to close on Aug 15th–which meant that they had no clue what a “Predicated offer” meant. (We made our offer predicated on the sale of our house within 60 days.) Anyway, after we received their offer we realized that dealing with those people would end up being a nightmare, so we gave up on that house and started looking at others. Our second choice is much less expensive, and the work that needs to be done to it is pretty much strictly cosmetic. (As far as we know, that is. We’re FIRM believers in paying for thorough inspections.)

So, Tuesday we made an offer on House#2, and the sellers came back with a counter-offer (as expected), but it was lower than we’d ever expected (Yay!), with an offer to split the cost of one of the needed inspections (Yay!!), and an offer to make a concession for the countertops (they were going to replace them but stated that if we wanted they could just make a financial concession in the event we wanted to upgrade to granite or something…Yay!!!)

Needless to say, Jack and I discussed it for a whole five minutes, and this morning I called our agent back and told him that we were accepting the offer.

Now we just have to sell our present house. (Gulp.)