I’m in Saratoga Springs, NY this week/end for the World Fantasy Convention, and so far I’ve met or reconnected with a delightfully huge number of people. I’m already having a blast, however the whole thing is still exhausting in its own fashion. So, when Ken Scholes made noises about departing the convention before 11, I was more than happy to offer him a ride back to the hotel. (There are five or six hotels being utilized for this convention, and the one that Ken and I are in is far enough away that I am very very glad that I rented a car. And, I have no trouble playing taxi for old and new friends.)

So, the first day of the con is in the can, and I even made it down to the hotel fitness center this morning to sweat it out on the cardio machines for 40 minutes. I doubt, however, that I shall be as virtuous tomorrow morning. I think that sleeping late will be my exercise choice for Friday.