No, I am not doing NaNoWriMo.

Instead I’m doing NotNoHellNo. (This consists of sticking the mostly-finished draft of Book2 in a drawer and forcing myself to not look at it until the beginning of December.)

However, I haven’t given up on writing completely for the month of November. I am presently in the process of researching/brainstorming/outline-drafting for the next book I want to write: God is broken. Satan is burned out. Free Will was a mistake.

I waver between being really excited about writing this book, and being really terrified of writing this book. What I want it to be is far more ambitious than anything I’ve ever written before (in novel-length, that is.) My goal is to have the basic gist of it roughed out and a first chapter written by the end of November. So far I have five “starts” written, and none of them feel right, and I just don’t think that my usual process of plowing ahead and coming back to fix it later would work on this book.

Should be interesting.