The Kid: “Mom, can girls marry girls?” [Note: The Kid is 4 ½]
Me: [giving a flip answer] “In some states.”
Kid: “What do you mean?”
Me, looking at her more seriously: “Yes, girls can marry girls. When you’re old enough, you can marry anyone you love.” [It’s a partial lie, but I say it in the hope that by the time she’s old enough she will be able to marry who she wants, regardless of gender.]
Kid: “Okay, because I want to marry you!”
Me, laughing: “You can’t marry ME! I’m your mommy!”
Kid: “But I love you!”
Me: “But I’m already your family. Marriage is about making your family bigger.”
Kid: “Ooooohhhhh.” [pause] “Can kitties marry doggies?”
Me: “In some states.”