Well, I’m tickled. Yesterday’s post earned a “Best of Holidailies,” which gives me two “Best of”s this year! Woo!

The funny thing (at least to me) is that this year there’ve been a few posts I’ve written where I’ve finished them and said to myself, “Self, now that’s not a bad piece of writing at all. If I were to win one of the Best Of thingies, this might be a post that would do it.” And, of course, none of those ever got a nod, while two posts where I jotted off something fun and interesting did.

Now then, there are a couple of lessons I could take from this. The first could be that obviously the posts that have received Best Of nods have been more casual and relaxed, and therefore are obviously more “me” or “from the heart” kinda things.

The second could be that maybe I’m just a really shitty judge of my own writing.

I’m thinking it’s the second.