(As dictated to me)

Title: The Little Super Mermaid And The Meteor That Hit The Earth

Chapter 1
The Princess had a busy day. One day the princess wished she didn’t have any work to do. Then her mother said, “You don’t have any work. I’ll clean everything. Do you want some chocolate?”

The princess said, “Yes.”

Every time she sees chocolate, she eats it. And when she wants cake, she gets cake and eats it.

Chapter 2
Once there was a mermaid with a baby. She asked the mayor, “Will you take care of my baby?”

The Mayor said, “Yes,” and put him in a little swimming pool.

Then a meteor hit the earth and the baby died.

Chapter 3
The mermaid loved people. Then another meteor hit the earth and the mommy mermaid died. But they weren’t really dead, and the mommy and the baby mermaid became super mermaids.

The End

(I have no idea where she gets it from…LOL)