My Ode To Lindsay will have to wait one more day, because I am soooooo tired! I hosted my local critique group’s Christmaskah party, and since I’ve been working my ass off all week I put off the majority of the cleaning of my house until today. Not one of my more stellar decisions.

But, six hours of picking up/cleaning/dejunking the house paid off and by 3pm (the scheduled start time) the house and I were both ready.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t feeling as cooperative, with several nasty lines of thunderstorms moving across the area (and, more importantly, across Lake Pontchartrain and the 24-mile bridge that many of the members would need to drive across to reach the party.) It was 3:30 before the first people arrived, and close to 4 before anyone from the south shore (New Orleans area) made it. But, even though we were missing a few of our people, it was still a nice, fun group. I was shocked to discover that many of them had never seen Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog, and so I pulled out the DVD and rectified that situation immediately.

After that we talked geeky talk while my non-geek husband hid in the back of the house. [g] Overall the party was lots of fun and well worth the effort of cleaning the house (especially since that meant that I DIDN’T have to drive through thunderstorms!) But now I haz a big tired, and am going to fall into bed. :-)