Today was a day of many frustrations. The Kid only had a half day of school today, and since there was no after-care, I drove down to the “lower school” campus to pick her up. She attends a private school that is split into two campuses–the Pre-K and Kindergarten are in one location, and the 1st through high school are at a campus that’s about 20 minutes away, with normal traffic. On regular school days she rides a shuttle to the upper campus after school for after-care.

So, since there was no after-care today, I had no reason to assume that she would be shuttled to the other campus. I was wrong, because after fighting through construction + holiday traffic which turned a 20 minute drive into a 45 minute drive, I was informed that she was at the other campus. (Where, it should be noted, I was half a mile away from when I began my slog through traffic.) This, of course, meant that I had to fight through holiday + construction traffic AGAIN for another 45 minutes. Finally made to The Kid’s location (by which time I had to pee so badly I thought I was going to DIE) and collected her. An hour and a half of traffic. *sob*

I then had plans to stop by a piano store and a nearby place that offers a variety of music lessons. The Kid has expressed a great deal of interest in learning how to play the piano (and the electric guitar..LOL), so I figured I’d start checking out prices of lessons and the cost of piano rental. Not only was the music lesson place closed, but the piano store had moved to Metairie (a 45 minute drive away which I have zero intention of making at any time in the near future.)

But, fortunately, things started picking up after that. The Kid had a Christmas party at her kenpo school this evening–the kind of party where parents were encouraged to drop the kids off (i.e. a present of three free hours for the parents! Woo!) After I dropped her off I met The Husband, and we had an honest-to-god Date. And we didn’t even have to pay a babysitter!

And, the Date with The Husband was fun enough that it more than made up for a day of frustration.