Oh… my poor, poor…. POOR neglected blog!

Well, obviously the whole Holidailies bit about posting every day met a hideous death. LOLOL I really only have one excuse for the extended lapse which is:

I’ve been working my ass off!

Seriously, I have been! I have a March 1st deadline for the third book in the Kara Gillian series, and at my last post my wordcount stood somewhere near 40K. And they weren’t pretty and polished 40K either. Oh, no… my plot was a mess, my scenes were out of order, and, well, I still had at least 50K words to write. But I hated the thought of missing my deadline, especially since this is my first deadline with my new editor over at DAW.

This was part of my living room wall for several weeks, while I struggled to Make The Plot Work:

Butcher paper plotting

So, I wrote the ginormous bulk of the book in about a month, then spent about 3-4 weeks rewriting the entire damn thing. I’ve been writing 8+ hours a day, plus time stolen in the evenings, plus as much time as I could squeeze out of the weekends. Twitter became my friend, because I didn’t have to think about writing something terribly coherent. (140 character limit! Yay!)

However, the good news is that the mad crush is over (for this book, at least!) and I’m quite pleased with how Secrets of the Demon has turned out. I think that the lines between Team Ryan and Team Rhyzkahl will definitely be drawn after people read this one!

But enough about book three! Book two–Blood of the Demon–is officially hitting the shelves tomorrow! (I say “officially” because it’s already on the shelves in most bookstores, but Feb 23rd is the listed release date.)

Blood of the Demon.. it's a book!

Purty, ain’t it! So, go get yours!