Yes, finally, the panel of unreliable judges has come through with the winners. Yay!

By the way…Holy Crap, this was hard to judge! From the simplest entries to the most complex, every single one was fantastic and delightful, and I’m incredibly grateful to all of you for taking the time to create and post a pic. Looking through all the entries was a rare thrill. Lots of pictures with pets, religious artifacts, not-so-religious artifacts, kids, smiles, the whole nine yards.

But, as I said, it was a bitch to judge, and I am doubly grateful that I was able to dump the hard part onto others. Honestly, I don’t think I could have picked any winners on my own. I loved them all!

Now, as you might recall, the prizes were:

An autographed copy of Mind Games by Carolyn Crane
An autographed copy of Accidentally Demonic by Dakota Cassidy
An autographed copy of Tempest Rising by Nicole Peeler
TEN autographed copies of Mark of the Demon or Blood of the Demon (winners’ choice)
A $10 Barnes & Noble gift card contributed by Michele Bardsley

As well as TWO GRAND PRIZES of New Orleans-y gift baskets with all sorts of cool New Orleans goodies, both books, along with a $50 Barnes & Noble gift card each.

And, a couple of prizes have been added to the pool! Jeanne Stein has very kindly offered to donate a signed copy of The Becoming, along with book cover magnets and other goodies.

AND another $10 B&N card was added by one of the unreliable judges, simply because it came down to a decision between two entries, and it was most easily resolved by adding one more prize.

All of the above prizes (except the grand prizes) will be distributed to the following winners:

Best Picture with a Cat–Hilda

Fire Cat!!

Best Picture with a Dog–Heather

Doggy thinks demons are tasty!

Best use of Accoutrements–Ambika

Sharp implements!

Best use of Statuary–Rene

Awww... daddy demon is reading to baby demon!

Most Artistic-Amy

So evocative!

Best Drawing–Bianca F

I've had mornings where I've felt like this

Best Summoning Circle (ebook version)–Cheryl H

Awesome salt squiggly!

Best Summoning Circle (print version)–Melissa T

Successful summoning!

Best Incorporation of Alcohol–Jani

Rowdy drunks--the best kind of readers

Best Use of Religious Icons/Texts–Nicole L (I especially liked the inclusion of a coffee-mug as a religious artifact. I completely approve!)

Coffee is MY god

Best Collage–Robin K

That's some serious reading!

Best Foreign Entry–Julia The Brazilian

I didn't notice a thing!

Most Impressive Collection of Cool and Bizarre Stuff–Jon Hansen

Almost as much weird shit as me!

Best LOLcat version–Julie Wood

All hail Basement Cat!

Best Montage (which, unfortunately has to be a link, because there was just no way I could get it all over here!)–Pearl

And, The Cutest–Van P


And now for the two Grand Prize Winners!! These were unanimous decisions from the unreliable judges:

Grand Prize #1–Crissi B (Who, by the way, does NOT have a twin!)

Double Trouble!

And, Grand Prize #2–Tynga (I LOVED this one!!)

SO awesome!!

Thanks again to everyone who participated!! Winners, I’ll be emailing you soon (hopefully tomorrow) with details and information about your prizes! (This is assuming you left a valid email address when you posted your comment. If not, I’ll blog and tell you to email me. :-) )