The day care was closed today because of the holiday weekend, therefore today was a day for baby tossing. That is, Jack took her to work for the morning, then he tossed her off to me for the afternoon. Anna was, of course, in total CUTE mode the whole time. She always plays well to an audience.

The tummy is beginning to feel better. Dunno if it’s because of the Prevacid, or because whatever was wrong with it is resolving, but at this point I really don’t give a shit. I’m just glad to be feeling better.

I see that some people are posting year-end writing stats. Mine are kinda lame, and I’m placing a good measure of blame on the fucking hurricane. Everything creative came screeching to a halt and I’m only now getting back into the groove.



9 new stories written

1 40-page novel synopsis/outline (collab)

1 novel proposal package

~10 novel chapters (collab)

16 stories in various stages of progress

Sales and marketing:

38 story submissions

1 sale

1 strong nibble on novel proposal

Next year I would (obviously) like to make more sales, and I’d also like to finish up at least ten stories. However, I also want to make some serious headway on various novel projects.

Hopefully 2006 will have fewer upheavals and it will be possible for that to happen.